Thai Banana Leaf
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17370 Preston Rd # 500, Dallas, TX 75252
(972) 713-0123
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A Family Tradition

The Jong family has spanned six decades within the restaurant industry. Starting with Ming Garden and Yee’s Chinese Restaurants established here in Dallas. As the late 1990s brought about a transformative shift in the Asian culinary scene, people’s appetite for more diverse flavors led them beyond the boundaries of traditional Chinese cuisine.

In 2000, a new chapter unfolded as the family’s in-laws joined the restaurant business. Coming from Chiang Mai, Thailand, they embarked on a culinary journey by launching Banana Leaf. Drawing upon their cherished childhood recipes, they crafted a menu that reflects their cultural roots. The result is an extensive selection, including both Chinese and Thai inspired dishes brought on by the newest generation of the Jong family.

Banana Leaf Thai Cuisine stands as a testament to time and tradition. Embracing the values of family ownership, the restaurant’s foundation is built upon hard work, extending family embraced to staff and customers, along with sharing culture through food. With each visit, whether it’s for a dine-in experience, event catering, takeout, or doorstep delivery, the primary goal remains unchanged – to ensure that choosing Banana Leaf brings happiness and contentment to all who engage with its flavors and welcoming embraces.

Thanks so much!

Sincerely Steve Jong “the Cajun Asian”